About Us

Responsible Energy Action, centred in Antigonish, Nova Scotiaformed in late 2011. It is an education and action group of community members, concerned about how we obtain and use energy.

Focus:  How we obtain and use energy

Goal: Social engagement and policy change that will result in a sustainable and socially and environmentally responsible energy system

Purpose: Education and action on energy-related issues in Nova Scotia

Concerns: Reduction of energy use; promotion of sustainable energy sources; equitable access to energy; energy-related climate change and environmental degradation

Guiding Principles:

  •  We affirm that Nova Scotia is part of unceded Mi’kmaq territory, and strive to uphold the Peace and Friendship treaties
  •  We work both independently and in solidarity with other groups
  •  We practice civil discourse: all our actions within the group and in representing the group to others are respectful and constructive, even when we may disagree