REA is no longer meeting in person. However, a core group maintains a listserv and supports initiatives of other organizations concerned with how we obtain and use energy.

Our Story

Welcome to the home base of Responsible Energy Action (REA), an education and action group ln Antigonish, Nova Scotia. We focus on how we obtain and use energy. You can see how we do this on the Actions & Events Tab above.

From the time the group formed in late 2011 through late 2014, we worked hard to educate ourselves and our community on the environmental, health, economic and social aspects of unconventional petroleum extraction.

In keeping with our goals,  we continue to study and support energy efficiency, sustainable alternatives, and energy-related climate change initiatives. As we navigate these issues, we retain a focus on equitable access to energy and employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.  We would like to see our community at the forefront of both mitigating and adapting to climate change.   

We collaborate with local governments, the Mi’kmaq Nation, and with other organizations on all these issues. 

You can contact us at

(Please be patient Φ We may not answer right away, but we will get back to you!)

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